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    They are both located at a medium populated city in central America.

    House #1:
    4 bed and 3 1/2 baths. Built 2004. 4000sf including basement. This is inside a gated golf community. Neighbors are million dollar houses. Basement has wet bar. Lay out is good. View is good. 5 minutes away from a big shopping mall with Trader Joe’s. School ratings are 9/9/8. 25 minutes of expected commute. Price is around 340K. HOA fee is $340. Tax should be $2-3000 lower than house #2.

    House #2:
    5 bed and 4 1/2 baths. Built 2005. 4200sf including basement. This is in a newer neighborhood compared to house #1. Neighboring houses are 300K – 600K. Many trees on the backyard. Shopping mall is far from this house compared to house #1. Expects a new shopping mall to open up next year that is 10 minutes drive. School ratings are 10/10/10. Commute is expected same as house #1. Price is around 350K. There is no HOA fee.

    I am leaning towards house #2 but my husband is leaning towards #1. What would be the best?

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    san jose

    House #2
    It can be stressful living among the millionaires.

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    House #2 because of smaller HOA fee.

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    Owner (Pete)

    House #2 is better because of better school ratings and no HOA fee.

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