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    Can you help me choose a better house?

    1) Very suburban neighborhood. School ratings are 10-9-9.
    2) Close to shopping mall and restaurants so good location. School ratings are 7-5-5.

    This is my first house. I have a kid who is attending a preschool and therefore elementary school matters the most. There is a good chance that we will be moving before my kid attends middle school. I first liked house number 1 because of school ratings however I began to like house number 2 because of the location.

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    san jose

    House #1 is better.
    School rating is too low on House #2.

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    When you sell your house, you will most likely pay 5-6% in real estate agent fees and therefore you should expect to keep the house for few years before you sell it. Plus, you will pay for a hefty capital gains tax if you sell your house within two years of your purchase.

    School ratings have a great impact on long term house prices. I would go with house #1.

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